You may have a few questions. Well, we have a few answers!

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the scope of the work. We aren’t inhaling dangerous Adobe Illustrator fumes in a factory surrounded by guard towers. Instead think of us as, say, artisanal chakra-infused cinnamon bun rollers—but for creativity. We find it important to put thought and care into every project, allowing us to make the journey, by your side, for maximum impact. That being said, on average our timelines may look similar to those found below:

  • Basic Design Projects (business cards, email signatures, etc.) – 2 business days
  • Major Design Projects (pitch decks, logos, video) – 3-5 business days
  • New Website Homepage Preview – 6 business days
  • Newsletters / Blogs – 2-3 business days
  • Social Media Plan Preview – 2-3 business days

Still reading? Cool. Then we’ll give it to you straight. These are averages because every project is unique and different—like dimples or belly laughs. Larger more complex projects will require additional time, but our policy is to be totally up front with you. If we believe a project may take us longer than these timelines, you’ll be the first to know.

Our services are built on efficiency, talent, and our team’s collective creativity. It can take an experienced individual 20 minutes to create something that would take someone with less experience 10 hours. In the workplace, we put the right jobs in the right hands to do away with superfluous extras that waste time and take away from our top priority: serving business needs.

No. We specifically are not niched in any specific industry. We believe that this approach brings
more value to all of our clients, no matter their domain. For example, we might learn
something from the technology sector and apply it to your financial services. If you are looking
for someone to completely steer the direction of your company and create, then we may not be the right fit. If you are seeking a team of talented creatives to expand your marketing services with flare, Dingus & Zazzy has entered the group chat.

Every. Single. Day. We contact you every freakin’ single (business) day. We pride ourselves on our dedicated follow-up approach, we just *really* care okay? We might be standing outside your window right now with a boombox. We are going to engage with you every business day, keeping you updated and working diligently on your company’s marketing.
Our inbox and phone lines are actively monitored on weekdays from 9am to 5pm MST. The best way to reach your Project Manager is via email, or to book an appointment for a dedicated time slot on Google Meet or by telephone. Our phone line is available for any emergencies you may have, but we encourage you to book a time slot to discuss with your Project Manager directly.
While our services are unlimited, we make sure to have only one point of contact with your company. Efficiency is one of our primary goals, and misunderstandings can snowball when there are too many lines of communication.
Absolutely not. Everyone at Dingus & Zazzy is a full-time employee with a traditional 40-hour work week.
That’s right. We hate contracts. If you love us, you’ll stay forever. You can try it for a month and if it’s not for you, you can try something else out! As long as you are an ongoing client, your rate will never change. That said, we recommend a three-month commitment together so we can fully dive into a collaborative creative project.
Once your agreement and payment details are finalized, one of our Project Managers will reach out to book an on-boarding meeting with you. Your billing cycle will only start on the date of your first on-boarding meeting. During your on-boarding meeting, we learn all about your business and workshop how we can help achieve your goals.

It’s all in the name, and our company name says it all. We don’t work with clients who don’t have a sense of humour, and that demographic usually shies away from the weirdness anyway. We want to be the right fit for your business and deliver a creative service with personality. If we get the feeling that we aren’t necessarily gelling, we will initiate a conversation to see what we can adjust in our partnership to better suit your business needs.

It’s not you, it’s me? Let’s be honest, a business partnership is a lot like a relationship: everyone should have a good time and get what they want! If the fit is right, you’ll know.

Sure Thing! You can pick two to three specific services and we can fulfill them on an unlimited basis. Liking what you see? Just get ’em all and let us take everything off your plate.

Our team works 9 am – 5 pm MST, Monday to Friday, where we are happy to receive your calls! The rest of the time we’re foraging for berries.

With The Full Dingus package, absolutely! We love making your life easier. However, for the Pick One, Get It All, and Creative BFF packages, our services are unlimited for one brand only.

Ready to work with us?